ABC Game- Letter W (part 2)

  1. A liquid that human beings need to survive. (the water)
  2. A person who is skilled in magic or has magical powers. (the wizard)
  3. A person who is always working or thinking about work. (the workaholic)
  4. The part of your body where your hand joins your arm. (the wrist)
  5. Having a lot of wind. (windy)
  6. Happening or existing in all parts of the world. (worldwide)
  7. To want something very strongly. (to wish)
  8. A large animal that is similar to a dog and likes to hunt sheep. (the wolf)
  9. A woman who is thought to have magic powers. The word is also used to describe a very unpleasant woman. (the witch)
  10. The part of an animals body that is used for flying. (the wings)
  11. A woman whose husband has died. (the widow)
  12. The round object in the car that is used to direct and control the car. (the (steering) wheel)