ABC Game- Letter W (part 1)

  1. The middle part of your body between your hips and your chest. (the waist)
  2. To be able to surf you need …………. (the wave)
  3. The first thing you do in the morning. (to wake up)
  4. To speak very softly and quietly. (to whisper)
  5. The opposite of „the loser“. (the winner)
  6. A structure that has parts which are turned around by the wind in order to produce power. (the windmill)
  7. A structure of brick or stone that separates an area from another. (the wall)
  8. Everything you throw into the bin is called …………. (the waste)
  9. A measurement that indicates how heavy a person or thing is. (the weight)
  10. To feel concern because you fear that something bad could happen or has happened. (to worry)
  11. The opposite of „strong“. (weak)
  12. Another word for „the gun“. (the weapon)
  13. A huge animal that lives in the ocean. It usually doesn’t bite or attack people. (the whale)
  14. Old people are said to be wise. What is the noun of wise? (the wisdom)
  15. Something to drink that is made of grapes. (the wine)
  16. A person who observes a crime and has to confirm that in court. (the witness)