ABC Game- Letter S (part 2)

  1. Somebody who doesn’t like being in the middle of the attention and prefers being silently in the background is …… (shy)
  2. You have to show your parents the tests you do at school and they have to write their name on the test – what is this written name also called? (the signature)
  3. To see is the verb, what is the noun? (the sight)
  4. The opposite of „healthy“. (sick)
  5. Strong and well-shaped muscles that can be seen on a person’s belly. (the sixpack)
  6. Another word for „very thin“. (skinny)
  7. A mark that is left on your skin after a wound has healed. (the scar)
  8. In summer girls like to wear short ……. (the skirt)
  9. To hit somebody in the face. (to slap)
  10. Men wear boxershorts and women wear ……. (the slip)
  11. Another word for „elegant“. (smart)
  12. It is used to wash your hands with. (the soap)
  13. The opposite of „hard“. (soft)
  14. If something hurts, for example your throat or your leg, it is …….. (sore)
  15. In restaurants you can either order still or ……………. water. (sparkling)
  16. To speak is the verb, what is the noun? (the speech)
  17. Stars love to be on ……… (the stage)
  18. Another word for „to shout“ or „to yell“. (to scream)