ABC Game- Letter F (part 2)

  1. To firmly fix something together or to close something like a seat belt. (to fasten)
  2. To become unconscious for a short time, ususally falling down. (to faint)
  3. Something that is extremely interesting. (fascinating)
  4. An area of land, used to grow crops or to keep animals. (the field)
  5. If a book or a film is not successful, it is said to be a ……………. (the failure / the flop)
  6. A border that surrounds a picture or a door. (the frame)
  7. A large, strong building that is used to defend a country/area from attacks. (the fortress)
  8. A part of your face. (the front)
  9. Objects such as chairs, tables, couches, cupboards and beds are called …….. (the furniture)
  10. Another word for petrol or gas is ………. (the fuel)