ABC Game- Letter I

  1. An idea or belief that is not true. (the illusion)
  2. The opposite of health is ………… (the illness)
  3. A piece of land completely surrounded by water. (the Island)
  4. Living or lasting forever. (immortal)
  5. Something that is not allowed by law. (illegal)
  6. To copy the behaviour of someone else. (to Imitate)
  7. A type of a very small animal, usually with legs and also with wings. (the insect)
  8. The flute, the drums, the piano and the clarinette are …….. (the instrument)
  9. To examine a crime carefully in order to find the truth. (to investigate)
  10. Someone who refuses to accept different behaviour that one’s own.
  11. Impossible to refuse something because it is too attractive. (irresistible)
  12. The yellowish-white substance that the tusks of elephants are made of. (the ivory)
  13. To make an offensive or mean remark. (to insult)
  14. To mix with a society and follow their way of life and their customs. (to intergrate)
  15. An evergreen plant that often grows up trees or houses. (the ivy)