ABC Game- Letter S (part 1)

  1. An animal that creeps forward in a very slow way. (the snail)
  2. On the plane and in the car people have to fasten the ……………. (seat belt / safety belt)
  3. The opposite of „happy“. (sad)
  4. Another word for „to be frightened“. (scared)
  5. The opposite of „sweet“. (salty)
  6. An event during which a business sells goods or services at prices that are lower than usual. (the sale)
  7. It’s a fish that is famous for swimming the rivers upwards. Bears love to eat them. (the salmon)
  8. The opposite of „different“. (similar / same)
  9. Another word for „to shoot a goal“. (to score)
  10. The opposite of „intelligent“. (stupid)
  11. Something that you are not allowed to talk about and that only a few people know of. (the secret)
  12. Another word for „to look for“. (to search)
  13. Another word for „to choose“. (to select)
  14. You can either take a bath or a ……………. (the shower)
  15. The form of an object like square, rectangle, triangle. (the shape)