ABC Game- Letter G

  1. To play in a game where you can win or lose money. It’s often done in casinos. (to gamble)
  2. The part of a building in which cars and bikes are kept. (the garage)
  3. The opposite of to lose weight is to ……………. weight. (to gain)
  4. The fruit that wine is made of. (the grapes)
  5. A group of criminals, for example a group of drug dealers or thiefs. (the gang)
  6. Something you wear in winter to keep your hands warm. (the gloves)
  7. An object that is formed like a ball with a map of the world on it. (the globe)
  8. A substance that is used to stick paper together. (the glue)
  9. The person of a football team that tries to keep the goal clean. (the goalkeeper)
  10. To talk about  the personal life of other people. (to gossip)
  11. The group of people who control the country and make decisions for the country. (the government)
  12. A hole in the ground to bury dead bodies. (the grave)
  13. To say hello to somebody. (to greet)
  14. A person whose job is to watch and protect someone or something. (the guard)
  15. Another word for „weapon“. (the gun)