ABC Game- Letter M

  1. A place where you can go skiing or hiking. (the mountains)
  2. The plural of mouse is …………… (the mice)
  3. A type of thin book with a paper cover which contains stories and pictures. It is usually published every week or month. (the magazine)
  4. The opposite of female. (male)
  5. The part of your body that you need to talk and eat. (the mouth)
  6. It’s a greenish-yellow fruit that grows in tropical areas. You have to peel it. (the mango)
  7. A picture that shows the rivers, mountains and streets of a particular area. (the map)
  8. It’s the third month of the year. (March)
  9. To become the husband or wife of somebody. (to marry)
  10. A person who repairs car engines and keeps them running properly. (the mechanic)
  11. A large building that contains stores of different kinds and seizes. The States are famous for them. (the mall)
  12. Something that is not known or difficult to explain and understand. (the mystery)
  13. Not able to speak. (mute)
  14. Somebody who kills someone. (the murderer)
  15. It’s another word for „fault“. (the mistake)