ABC Game- Letter H

  1. A person who is admired for great or brave actions. (the hero)
  2. To go to a place where you cannot be seen or found. (to hide)
  3. When women go out they need this object to put their stuff into it. (the handbag)
  4. It’s a kind of meat. People love it on their pizza together with mushrooms. (the ham)
  5. To move or go or run very quickly. (to hurry)
  6. A married couple exists of a wife and a ………….. (the husband)
  7. To kill or chase wild animals either for food or just for pleasure. In Switzerland you need a permission to do it. (to hunt)
  8. A lot of people in Africa suffer from it. (the hunger)
  9. It’s the same as to embrace somebody. (to hug)
  10. It’s the human’s most important organ. If it doesn’t beat anymore, you’re dead. (the heart)
  11. Air can be dry or …………. (humid)
  12. It’s an animal and you can ride on it. (the horse)
  13. People who do not have a home anymore are called ……………. (homeless)
  14. After getting married a couple usually goes on ……………. (the honeymoon)
  15. Somebody who stands next to the street holding the thumb up in order to get a free car ride. (the hitchhiker)