ABC Game- Letter B

  1. A man who is not married. (the bachelor)
  2. The opposite of foreground. (the background)
  3. A device that slows or stops a vehicle. (the brakes)
  4. Another word for luggage. (the baggage)
  5. A flexible container with an opening at the top used to carry things with you. (the bag)
  6. A long seat for several people usually made of wood. (the bench)
  7. Meat from the back or the side of a pig. (the bacon)
  8. A stinging insect with small wings which collects nectar and produces honey. (the bee)
  9. The sound of a dog. (to bark)
  10. Before you enter somebody else’s house you should ring the ………. (the bell)
  11. A strip of leather that you wear across your chest to secure yourself in the car or the airplane. (the belt)
  12. Using your teeth to cut into something. (to bite)
  13. The human skeleton is made of ………… (the bone)
  14. The opposite of the top is the ……………… (the bottom)
  15. Someone who is fond of giving people orders and is very dominant is ……(bossy)
  16. A wedding couple exists of a broom and a ………….. (the bride)
  17. To bend the head or the upper part of the body as a sign of respect. (to bow)
  18. The opposite of anxious and timid is ………….. (brave)
  19. A person whose job is cutting up and selling meat in a shop. (the butcher)
  20. A round and deep dish used for food or liquids. (the bowl)