ABC Game- Letter D

  1. The opposite of offence. (the defense)
  2. Done, produced or happening every day. (daily)
  3. The noun of dangerous. (the danger)
  4. A romantic Appointment. (the date)
  5. Lacking the power of Hearing. (deaf)
  6. The end of the life of a person. (the death)
  7. A feeling of uncertainty or the lack of conviction. (the doubt)
  8. To make something look more attractive by adding more items to it. (to decorate)
  9. Fine, dry powder lying on the furniture and on the ground. (dust)
  10. A waterbird that has a waddling gait. (the duck)
  11. To end a relationship. (to dump sb)
  12. The language that is spoken in the Netherlands. (Dutch)
  13. The opposite of „static“. (dynamic)
  14. The opposite of „wet“. (dry)
  15. To let something fall vertically. (to drop)
  16. Informal language for drugs or cannabis. (the dope)
  17. A large room with several beds for several people to sleep in. (the dormitory)
  18. To plunge head first into the water with the arms raised over the head. (to dive)
  19. A person who has got a handicap is called a ……………… person. (disabled)
  20. An unfavourable condition that reduces the chances of success. (the disadvantag)