ABC Game- Letter W (part 2)

A liquid that human beings need to survive. (the water) A person who is skilled in magic or has magical powers. (the wizard) A person who is always working or thinking about work. (the workaholic) The part of your body where your hand joins your arm. (the wrist) Having a lot of wind. (windy) Happening … ABC Game- Letter W (part 2) weiterlesen

ABC Game- Letter S (part 1)

An animal that creeps forward in a very slow way. (the snail) On the plane and in the car people have to fasten the ……………. (seat belt / safety belt) The opposite of "happy". (sad) Another word for "to be frightened". (scared) The opposite of "sweet". (salty) An event during which a business sells goods … ABC Game- Letter S (part 1) weiterlesen

ABC Game- Letter N

The hard covering at the end of a finger or toe. (the nail) The opposite of everybody. (nobody) Very unpleasant to see, smell or taste. (nasty) I am Swiss, Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese, Rafael Nadal is Spanish, Angela Merkel is German, Donald Trump is American. These are different ………………… (the nationality) Nurses in hospitals do … ABC Game- Letter N weiterlesen

ABC Game- Letter E

Chicken lay them and they're often used to cook. (the egg) The opposite of cheap. (expensive) You see with your ……….. (the eyes) Another word for the world. (the earth) Somebody who constructs complicated systems and machines. (the engineer) You can fly first class, business class or ……………… class. (economy) The opposite of a beginner … ABC Game- Letter E weiterlesen