ABC Game- Letter F (part 1)

  1. A wild animal belonging to the dog family.  It has got pointed ears and a brown fur. (the fox)
  2. Someone who is known and recognised by many people. (famous)
  3. A weather condition that lowers the visibility. (the fog)
  4. The money you have to pay for the journey in a train or bus. (the fare)
  5. The noun of „to fly“. (the flight)
  6. To give food to a person or an animal. (to feed)
  7. A small light that is held in the hand and usually gets ist power from batteries. (the flashlight)
  8. A man whose job is to extinguish unwanted fires. (the fireman / the firefighter)
  9. A burning candle produces a ……….. (the flame)
  10. To move behind someone and go everywhere she/he goes. (to follow)
  11. An instrument often played by younger kids. (the flute)
  12. A person who behaves in a silly way without thinking. (the fool)
  13. The opposite of „to allow“ something. (to forbid)
  14. A period of two weeks time is a ………. (the fortnight)
  15. A stream of water that is forced up into the air through a small hole. (the fountain)